4 Exciting Ways to Stay Super cool at Home This Summer

Oh yes, summer is already here! Summer brings lots of heat but at the same time, it brings lots of fun for kids as well. With vacation around, children play around till late evenings, takes a dip in the swimming pool, enjoy in late evening parties, and still, they have many things to do. There must be some reason for you to stay super cool at home this summer which can not only give happiness to the kids but also the elders of the home.

Surat has a tropical climate with summer blazing through the months of March lasting until June. The days are hot and long and the nights are sweaty. But here are some ideas to keep yourself and the kids cool and busy during the summer at home, all season long.

1) Natural Surrounding 

Trees and plants are our best friends. More so during the hot summer season. They keep the air fresh, provide shade, help in reducing air pollution and add natural fragrances. The current trend has made people environment-friendly which rings greenery outside and inside the house.

At Swapna Srushti, we have a lush green garden and well designed landscaped area in the township to make you feel refreshed and connected to nature. The natural surrounding makes Swapna Srushti best budget homes in Surat city.

2) Home-based Party

Summer means vacation for the children. They wish to play all day long. Keeping them entertained is a big task for parents.

Swapna Srushti, being a residential township has a cultural mix of people from different backgrounds. During the summers, children can busy themselves in the indoor sports centre, while letting the ladies have their own little party in the community hall or in the garden. The hot afternoon of Summer gives many reasons for people to buy the 2BHK flat in Swapna Srushti at Bhestan area.

3) Stay Cool, Stay Healthy.

Exercise is necessary during winter but it gives freshness during summer as well. It helps you feel better and improves your overall health.

At Swapna Srushti, we have a big garden where you can do your morning jogs, meditation, walk around or do some breathing exercises to energize your day. For the fitness freaks, there is an aerobics and yoga hall. The well-equipped gym is the big attraction for the youngsters of the society.

4) Cool Interiors settings.

To keep your home bright and clean during the scorching summer days, go in for white and neutral colors decor. Update your window furnishings. You can install exterior window blinds or use sheer curtains to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home. Also, it’s time to check your air conditioners and fans and have them serviced if needed. This will help in energy saving and cost-cutting.

Staying in a township has its own benefits. You can organise community gatherings and parties wherein everyone from the society has a chance to mingle with others and have fun. Swapna Srushti provides well-ventilated flats at affordable rates in the good locality of Udhana area.

So come and beat the summer blues at our township!



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