Awareness about Society Maintenance Charges

Many times while looking for a house, buyers may overlook the extra cost factor in terms of maintenance charges of the housing society. These are the charges in addition to the cost of buying a house. First-time buyers have to take extra care not to miss out on the maintenance cost while making their financial plans for buying the house.

Maintenance charges are part of the contractual agreement made between the builder and the buyer and mentioned in the allotment letter of the buyer. It is necessary that the builder clarifies all the maintenance charges to the buyer at the initial stage of buying to avoid conflicts later on. Also, once the project is completed, the builder or developer collects the maintenance expenses from the buyer and transfers it to the social welfare or social association fund.

If you are wondering what these charges are for, then here is a brief information about it. Maintenance charges as the name suggests are collected for the expenses incurred towards general care, cleanliness and maintenance of the common areas of the residential society.

These areas include:

  • for amenities like parking areas, garden, community hall, security system, lifts, staircase and lobbies, common entry and exit areas, basements, terraces and so on.
  • for basic facilities like – water tanks, common electricity
  • repair work for any of the common areas in the society
  • expenses incurred during the celebration of festivals in the society

In short, these charges are levied by the home developers for overall effective welfare and safety of the residential societies. So as residents of the society and users of the various amenities provided, it is your duty to pay the maintenance charges regularly and on time. Living in such township is beneficial.

Most of the residential township like Swapna Srushti in Surat city have a well-organised society or welfare association.  And this welfare group collects all such charges and reserves it as society fund.

These charges may vary from society to society. Some societies charge on per flat basis, others on basis of per sqft area. Some societies may collect the maintenance charges on a monthly basis to avoid the burden of big amount on the pocket of society people. Still, other societies may take the payment annually from all members of the society.

On the whole, as buyers, you just have to be aware of the maintenance charges applicable while buying a flat in the residential society. So do your part and pay the maintenance fees timely? After all, who doesn’t wish their society to be clean and well-maintained!

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