Social Benefits of Celebrating Festivals Together in Township

India is a land of diverse culture and festivals. And the proverb ‘Unity in Diversity’ holds true for us. At Swapna Srushti Residency, all the residents come from different backgrounds. The people living here are from various religions, castes and beliefs. Despite the differences, everyone lives like one big happy family and we pride on that.

There are great social benefits of celebrating festivals together in the society.

Community festivals are traditionally organised by and for the local community, and often celebrate a theme that the members mutually decide amongst themselves.

The joint celebration of festivals provide members of a community with opportunities to engage in socialisation, entertainment thus promoting unity amongst different people.

Additionally, these celebrations are a change from your routine life. People get together for a common purpose, have meet-ups and enjoy participating or volunteering for different activities.

At Swapna Srushti residential township, located in the prime Udhana area of Surat city, we have a mix cultural group of residents. And we celebrate all festivals with great pomp and show. Be it, Independence day, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, or even upcoming Diwali, everyone joins in the celebrations with extra enthusiasm.

Every time there is an upcoming festival or any event, all the members get together for a meeting and plan out for the event well in advance. Everyone participates actively and makes their contribution towards society gatherings and festival celebrations.

This participation in the Township provides opportunities for social interactions, relationship building and the development of social networks, which in turn have positive outcomes for community wellbeing.

As mentioned in the previous blog, all the residents paid a tribute to our freedom fighters and to the soldiers by celebrating our Independence Day on 15th August in the society.  Likewise, this year on Ganesh Chaturthi, the resident members brought Lord Ganesha in the society with great joy and devotion.

People of all ages, right from kids to senior citizens participated happily in all the Ganesh Chaturthi event. A beautiful mandap (stage) was set up for Lord Ganesha. It was decorated with flowers and chandelier. All the men were dressed in traditional clothes in matching colours of orange with a Saffron turban.

In short, everyone has a gala time during all festival celebrations. We can thus sum up that festivals play an important role in contributing to community development and its wellbeing.

Come relive the divine spirit of our festivals at Swapna Srushti Residency!

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