Keep Your Home Monsoon-Ready and Prevent Damages

Monsoon Precautions

Finally, the long sunny days have come to an end in most cities of India, including our diamond city Surat. The rains have splashed greenery and joy all over the city, people enjoy the raindrops, the smell of the wet mud, the whole atmosphere feels so alive. The monsoon season is a big welcome, especially after the scorching summer.

But when the monsoon arrives, common problems that occur in your society or flat are water leakage, power cut-off, cracks on the roof and walls of the house. Other major damage can be caused to your furniture and other items in the house due to the damp air during monsoon.

At Swapna Srushti, we have provided modern amenities for you and your family. However, it’s important to take the necessary precautions during the rainy season and take care of your home and surroundings.

Here are few things you need to check or repair for your house to be monsoon-ready:

Leakages and cracks –

One of the major problems is the cracks and leakage of water from the ceiling and walls of the house. You can seek professional help to make the necessary repairs and if need be a waterproof coating can be applied. Also, it is important to use waterproof paints in your home to prevent rainwater from seeping through the walls.

Electric connections –

Safe wiring is very essential during the monsoon. You can call an electrician to check all the electrical points of your home and ensure the joints are covered properly to avoid electric shocks and short-circuit.

Doors and Windows –

Many times the rain-water comes into your rooms from the windows and balcony. Keep them closed and cover them with tarpaulin sheets if necessary. Also, windows and doors swell up during monsoon, so get it fixed properly.

Interior dampness –

During monsoon, the moisture in the air can cause damage to your furniture, cupboards and other household items. The railings may catch rust, and wooden furniture is affected by fungus and termite. To make your home and interiors moist-free, put camphor balls and cloves or neem leaves in your cupboards, shelves and other valuable items.

Insect prevention –

With rains comes all types of insects and with them the diseases. So prevention of mosquitoes and insects coming in your houses is important for the health of your family. Use mosquito repellents and other chemicals available in the market to keep the insects at bay.

During the day, keep your homes airy, let the sunlight come in. After dusk, keep the windows and doors. Swapna Srusti is a well-ventilated township.

If these precautionary steps are taken, then it will help you in protecting your home from the monsoon woes.

Have a happy and safe monsoon!

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