Residents at Swapna Srushti immortalising India’s Freedom


Independence Day is celebrated each year, on 15th August, to honour our unsung heroes and martyrs who gave our motherland a new life. Independence or Freedom brings a sense of feeling of being free to enjoy our birthrights.

At SwapnaSrushti, a residential township in Surat, admire and pay tribute to our heroic idols who left India in our hands to make it a peaceful and beautiful place to live in.

We believe that the ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall.’ Our country has got freedom long back but still, we are yet to be freed from many evils that grow inside us. We as a community need to work together by holding hands to make our motherland fly high in the sky.

Swapna Srushti residents celebrated this day by flag hoisting and pledging for a better society to live in. All the families in the society got together to celebrate this occasion. Children, women and men can be seen all dressed up beautifully in the serene morning, with the sense of pride in their hearts to commemorate India’s 72nd Independent year. Indian Independence Day evokes a sense of patriotism in our hearts and love towards our country. It makes us remember our ancestor’s sacrifices to bless us with free will and faith.

In our township, there are people of diverse culture and tradition, speaking different languages. And what remains us united is our love for the motherland. The whole big family of Swapna Srushti Residency had smiles over their faces and the feeling of love for Motherland in their hearts. It portrays that India can never be caged again. Most of them were dressed in white, the colour of peace. Right from kids to elderly citizens, everyone had gathered there to celebrate Independence day with pride.

And they wrapped the celebration by distributing sweets and snacks and singing our National Anthem, with more joy in hearts and smiles on faces.

Not just a celebration, but we also encourage women and children to showcase their talent by organizing the various competition, as women are no less than men. We have installed dry and wet dustbins inside our society and encouraged the members of residency to support ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ i.e our Prime Minister’s drive towards Clean India. At Swapna Srushti, we encourage education for all by providing various amenities like reading rooms and tuition hall.

Swapna Srushti community is well equipped with amenities like a play area for children, sitting area for senior citizens and a temple in the society. We as good citizens of our country keep our society and the areas in which live, Udhana and Bhestan, clean and hygienic.

A Nation’s Culture Resides in the Hearts and in the Soul of its People — Mahatma Gandhi..!

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