Making Your Home Truly ‘the safest place’ for Kids

safest place

Home is said to be the safest place for kids, but it holds true only if we make it so child-friendly that the kids can explore, grow and find comfort & care without getting hurt at home. Though the list of DOs & Don’ts for baby-proofing a home is endless; following some preventive steps while setting up a new home eases half of your job. Once you set up everything in accordance with the kids’ safety-security needs; all you need to do is pursue some basic safety tips for your growing toddlers & kids.
So if you’re planning to shift to a new home with your kids, here’s a list of some safety tips.
• Make sure you put the grilled doors as well as window guards to restrict the kids’ unknown movement out of the home. Going one step ahead, you can also attach a mosquito net for windows & doors to block the entry of mosquitoes and insects.
• Select furniture with smooth ends. Arrange it in such a way that it allows free & safe movements of your kids. Ensure cupboard and drawer locks, door stoppers and latches, door handle covers, toilet seat locks are childproof.
• Have enough cupboards/drawers to store the things having a probability of causing harm (i.e. medicines, cosmetics etc.), if tested or engulfed by the kids. It is advisable to look at the hazardous things and find appropriate space to keep them out of your child’s reach.
• Keep the household appliances (i.e. iron, hair dryer, kitchen appliances etc.) away from your child’s reach. Also, make sure that the cables/wire of various electronic items are not hanging on the floor and use electrical socket safety covers. Similarly, the tiny objects (i.e. coins, a piece of jewellery etc.) too have the risk of troubling kids. So they should be stocked wisely.
• The fire has one of the biggest harm potentials at home. So it is advisable not to store any inflammable liquids like gasoline at home. Plus putting the smoke detectors or fire extinguisher at home also reduces the risk of fire.
Though supervision is the ultimate key to home safety for kids, setting up a home with some basic child safety measures is smarter move to build the safe home for kids.
While Swapna Srushti offers the housing facility with utmost safety & security, following basic safety tips will make each home truly ‘the safest place’ for kids.

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