Why Buy a Home at a Residency with the Community Infrastructure

Surat, one of the fastest growing cities in India is witnessing a major revolution in the real estate sector. Different projects have come up with the concept of Integrated residential townships. Such residencies offer a complete package which includes basic amenities like shopping centers, health care centers and clubs at the township.

Swapna Srushti is one such residential township located in Bhestan area of Surat. We offer luxurious 2 BHK flats at a very affordable price in Surat.

What is Community Infrastructure?

It is the buildings and spaces which provide facilities and opportunities for recreational activities. It can be provided by the government or private sector.

Nowadays in Surat, it has become an essential part of all the housing schemes.

Why the need for Community Infrastructure?

One of the primary reasons for the growing demand for Residential Townships is the growth of urban communities. In other words, residential townships are now coming up with a strong community infrastructure or various facilities for its residents.

The Community Infrastructure includes – social places such as garden, community halls, health club, child/senior citizens facilities, libraries,  etc

Sustainable community infrastructure is essential for creating and maintaining strong communities.  It gives its residents a sense of belonging, the opportunity to take part in collective activities and the prospect of building social networks.

As you know, in Swapna Srushti residency also, people from different parts of India, different castes and religions stay together like a family. For such diverse community members staying together, the right infrastructure needs to be present.

Swapna Srushti keeping in mind the recreational needs of its residents has various amenities like – kids play area, garden, temple, health centre, library, a community hall, and many such facilities.

Since there is a park in the society, children of all age groups come together to play. Or a temple in the society provides an opportunity to senior citizens for social gathering.

 The responsibility of the Residents

When the housing society provides amenities to its residents, then it becomes duty of the residents staying there to take care of certain things like:

  • Paying the maintenance charges on time
  • Keep the society premises clean
  • Celebrate all the festivals and get-together with enthusiasm
  • Encourage participation from all residents during any events

Hence we can say it is very necessary to maintain unity amongst the residents in order to live happily and peacefully in a residential township. Also, make proper use of the facilities provided to ensure smooth working.

So we can say a sustainable community infrastructure fosters a positive environment culture in the society!

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